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HCI in China: Research Agenda, Education Curriculum, Industry Partnership, and Communities Building

Workshop at the CHI 2019 conference in Glasgow, UK.

2:30-8:00 pm, Saturday May 4, 2019


HCI Education in China
What are the good examples of HCI curricula in the global community? What are the opportunities and challenges in the current HCI education practices in China?

HCI Research Highlights in China
What are the strengths and weakness of HCI research in China? Can we come up with a collective research agenda that can contribute the uniqueness of Chinese HCI to the world?

Industry Partnership
What is the current status of the HCI academia-industry relationship in China? Where can we improve?

Fundamentals/History/Disciplines in HCI
What can we learn from the history/disciplines taxonomy/foundations of HCI as guidance for the Chinese HCI context?

Bridge Chinese HCI Community with Other Communities
What good experiences in community building can we learn from the other HCI communities? How can we facilitate the communication and collaboration between communities, in particular with other Asian HCI communities?

Future Event Planning
What kinds of future events should we organize to achieve the goal of building a successful Chinese HCI community? Who want to participate in such services?