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HCI in China: Research Agenda, Education Curriculum, Industry Partnership, and Communities Building

Workshop at the CHI 2019 conference in Glasgow, UK.

2:30-8:00 pm, Saturday May 4, 2019

About the Workshop

HCI historically is an interdisciplinary field that emerges only after a strong presence of computer technologies in academia and industry, and that is what is happening in China. Industry has a huge demand on HCI professionals due to the large user population and the advancement of technologies in particular domains (e.g., mobile pay, drones, etc.); academics in China, though scattered, are also more active in the global HCI community. ACM SIGCHI is also supportive for China, among Asian countries, to develop an active research community, a suitable education curriculum and research agenda, and a model of academia-industry partnership. In fact, as CHI 2021 will be held in Asia, now it is time to organize, coordinate, and unite the ongoing efforts from the faculty, researchers, students, and other stakeholders in the global Chinese community, and to plan for the future.

This workshop brings together people who have wrote about, studied, and practiced in the HCI research and education in China. More importantly, the organizers have all dedicated a significant amount of effort to organizing and serving HCI communities and events for Chinese researchers and students (most inside China and some outside), where these communities have flourished for both the Chinese audience and the global HCI community. They are leaders or distinguished members of SIGCHI China Chapter and International Chinese Association of Computer Human Interaction (ICACHI).

During the past 14 years, SIGCHI China Chapter, led by Prof. Feng Tian (co-organizer of this workshop), is dedicated in promoting HCI in mainland China. It works closely with the Technical Committee of HCI under China Computer Federation (CCF) in China, which is the equivalent of SIGCHI under ACM. SIGCHI China Chapter has co-organized the China HCI annual conference (CHCI) in China together with CCF for 14 years. CHCI is the leading national conference for local Chinese community and Chinese HCI topics and attracts in increasing numbers of high-quality papers and participants. For example, CHCI 2018 accepted about 70 research papers in Chinese after a peer-review process and attracted more than 300 participants. At the same time, the International Chinese Association of Computer Human Interaction (ICACHI), founded by Prof. Xiangshi Ren (co-organizer of this workshop) in 2012, has been dedicated in facilitating collaboration among researchers, academics, students and practitioners in the global Chinese community. Supported by ICACHI, the annual conference Chinese CHI (latest one co-hosted with CHI’17 at Denver) has become a leading international forum that attracted the global Chinese researchers as well as the researcher from other community with an increasing numbers of paper submissions and participants every year.

In addition, the co-organizers of this workshop have also organized numerous annual ChineseCSCW conferences, seminars, and summer/winter schools on HCI topics.

There are three major goals of this workshop: 1) to bridge the growing local HCI community in China with the international HCI community; 2) to nurture the local Chinese HCI community including academics, students, and practitioners; 3) and to attract more local HCI researchers to attend the CHI conference, and vise versa. Parts of this workshop, we will present some key activities that SIGCHI China Chapter and ICACHI have organized, and plan to organize for the upcoming years. We will discuss what we have learned from past experience, and outline the opportunities for future. In the rest of this proposal, we describe organizers’ background, themes, and detailed plans of all the stages for the workshop.